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ElectroDroid: The Best Application For Electronics On Your Android

Today we need to converse with you about ElectroDroid, an electronic Android application that will help you assuming you are an expert on this theme.

Regardless of whether you are not an expert circuit tester, it is significant 100% of the time to have data on connectors, shading codes, opposition esteems, and so forth, close by for simple fixes at home.

This great application will enchant any individual who is in the realm of hardware if occasionally you do an easily overlooked detail about power or gadgets, and it is uncommon that you remember the worth of a resistor or on the other hand assuming you need to do some estimation.

This application isn’t new, it has been on Google play for quite a while however I needed to make this passage since there will be individuals who don’t have any acquaintance with it.

Fundamental Features Of ElectroDroid

ElectroDroid is an application that fills in as an index of electronic instruments, mini-computers and specialized documentation, zeroed in on the individuals who have an interest in power and hardware.

Through a natural and lovely UI, the application permits the client to get to fundamental assets for the people who every now and again work with power or electronic parts. From the primary screen, you can get to the opposition shading code or know Ohm’s Law.

It likewise accompanies electrical graphs and diagrams that permit the client to more readily comprehend the estimations and undertakings that he performs with electrical and electronic gear.

Vital For Both Students And Professionals

For a gadgets or power understudy, ElectroDroid addresses a helpful method for doing your activities and set up them as a regular occurrence.

You don’t have to take your notes wherever as all the data you want is given by this hardware application.

Albeit an Internet association is needed for certain parts, most areas can be seen without being associated with the web.

This is an extraordinary benefit for the people who should work where there is no admittance to a WiFi association.

For electrical and gadgets experts, ElectroDroid fills in as an ideal help and counsel supplement. Simply open the application to get to the main data, even with a wide assortment of computation instruments.

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Definite Analysis

The application is valuable in all angles, it is additionally extremely simple to utilize and comprehend. Its home screen shows us four tabs: Calculators, Pin-Outs, Resources and Plugins. In the upper corner are the settings and a connection to download new modules.


Here you will find fundamentally every one of the mini-computers for gadgets circuits, beginning with the reactance/reverberation number cruncher, voltage drop adding machine, power mini-computer, just as apparatuses to change over decibels, frequencies, goal or voltage level.

Additionally included here are the Resistor Color Code, the SMD Resistor Code, in addition to the Inductor Color Code. You can likewise work out the channel cutoff recurrence, the capacitor charge and the greatest dispersal force of warm obstruction or temperature.


This is an exceptionally intriguing segment of ElectroDroid where you can track down point by point depictions with text and drawings of the various sorts of connectors that exist. From the USB port, Serial port and Parallel port, to HDMI connector, VGA connector and MIDI connector.

You should simply tap on the connector that intrigues you and you will get to all the data of details and exact qualities and upheld by illustrations. The application permits you to utilize the zoom to zoom in or out and easily view the data.

Electronic Resources

This segment is a piece like Pin-Outs in that it additionally gives you itemized data and pictures from various assets like the Microcontroller Database, USB particulars, Resistivity Table, Schematic Circuit Symbols, Radio Frequency and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Sometimes, the application will require interfacing with the Internet to download extra data about a particular asset. Be that as it may, as a rule, the data is as of now included and fit to be seen without issues.


In this part of ElectroDroid, you can look and download modules or modules that will permit you to add new highlights to the application and increment its usefulness. Along these lines, you can download, for instance, the PartSeeker module, which assists you with tracking down electronic parts and parts.

You can likewise download the Atmicro Database module, which is a module through which you can check the qualities of all the microcontrollers created by Atmel.

There is additionally a module, PICmicro Database, with which you can really look at the attributes of all PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers, delivered by Microchip.

Our Impressions On ElectroDroid

In the last synopsis, we infer that ElectroDroid is a fundamental gadgets application for both the expert and the understudy, in any event, for the normal client who sometimes needs to make electronic fixes.

The data it gives is clear and definite, with information that permits the client to decide the best strategy while working. With ElectroDroid it isn’t important to utilize a different adding machine since the estimations should be possible straightforwardly without leaving the application.

Simply enter the qualities ​​to get the outcomes right away. Thus, ElectroDroid is an exceptionally useful and valuable application for any individual who has an interest in hardware or who continually requires this kind of estimation because of their work

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